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Hi Everyone and welcome to our website!
We decided to make this site so we have something to do when our pet people are too busy to pay attention to us. We hope you enjoy your visit - we know you will like this site better than Gordy or Mikie's - as their sites are totally boring.

Homines sapient pullos
Special thanks to Mr. Jim Long for correcting our latin!

Important! Help these Goldie Lorikeets get a good home!
We are pleased to present our prestigious award:

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This award is given to those parrots who have designed pages "above and beyond the call of duty". This award is extremely difficult to earn as the qualifications are a little sketchy. Basically, it has to be a website of and for parrots and their pet humans. Click on the award image to read more about it and other awards. Stop by and visit some of the winners

No Pink Elephants!
2.5 Mb Quicktime Movie
Coming soon: When good birds go bad.

The saga of Splat, Retro, Dot, and Dutch- and their downward spiral into the depths of hedonism.
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Read about Dutch, our new brother

or check out our pictures from April 4, 2002.
Remember! Bird poo on your left shoulder is a sign of good luck!
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