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Folks these are a few of the great places on the web that we like to go. Some of the links below are sources to a wealth of information, some are for parrot supplies, some are just goofy ones we happen to like. So here they are in no particular order:
Links and Information about shade grown coffee
Drinking shade grown, fair trade coffee means so much to me I had to make a separate website about it. Please take the time to read this and explore the links provided if you are a coffee drinker, or know coffee drinkers.
There is a wealth of avian information at the Exotic Pet Vet site!

Here are just two of the articles on Exotic Pet Vet's site that were of great interest to us:
  1. How to Wing Clip - This is the best information we have found on the web for clipping instructions.
  2. Unlock the mysteries of the Uropial Gland - Find out which birds have it and which ones don't - learn about it's role in the production of vitamin D3, this would be of interest to folks considering full-spectrum lighting.

Thanksgiving Coffee Co One for the coffee enthusiasts
When you buy shade-grown coffee you are protecting our wild friend's homes. This link will take you to Songbird Coffee. They have hooked up with the Thanksgiving Coffee Company to offer some of the best shade-grown coffee around.

We Shoot Birds Banner
So ya wanna get yer picture taken, eh?!
"We Shoot Birds" is the name of this place, and to date we haven't found a better pet photographer, (or nicer photographer) around!

They have all kinds of stock photos of beautiful birds, both wild and companion birds.
Are you wondering what your bird should weigh? Then you should find this chart quite handy!
Bow Bow and Mandy
A very interesting article about avian nutrition
Lots more pictures of US!
Because frankly, there are just not enough pictures on this site to do us justice.
Dot Desktop Image
Dot desktop image
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2003 Parrots Wall Calendar
2003 Parrots Wall Calendar
Sorry, this calendar is no longer available :-(
Grey Feather
Food, toys, and disinfectants.
Splat-n-Retro's stuff
Even if you don't want to buy anything, you may be interested in creating your own store with pictures of your own feathered friends!
The Sprout People
Supplies for growing your own. This is a wonderful site with tons of information about sprouting - you have got to check it out!
Itty Bitty Birdie Bites
Itty Bitty Birdie Bites I just love these people! They have made up their very own parrot mixes right at home and are now offering it to the public. Our gang has tried Itty Bitty Birdie Bites and loved them...check it out!
Drs Foster Smith: Nekton Vitamins
PPRF gif
Pionus Parrots Research Foundation

Lots of information about parrots like Retro.
Majestic Macaw Info
Lots of information about Macaws (like Dot and Dutch) - this is a great site to browse.
Thinking about getting a cute, cuddly, Cockatoo? You HAVE to check out this site! Crank up yer volume and click the link!
Recipes Galore!
One of these is bound to delight your well-developed finicky avian pallet
The Parrot Pages
The Too Lady
You can find Splat's favorite book here.  "My Human, My Slave" by Dustbunny and Echo.
Parrot links too numerous to count on these pages.
Land of Vos
Cool site with some beautiful Eclectus parrots and lots of great information about them.
Avian Publications
For all your pet people's reading needs.
Lots of great information about Lorikeets by Margrethe Warden.
Planned Parrothood
Lots Parrot Links
Save the Rain Forest Banner Ad
Click and Help save our rain forests, help feed hungry children, help rescue unwanted/abused animals and it is all FREE to you!
Pet Parade
Here we are on PetParade.com - And you too, can create your pet page on their site.